no formality… from me to you


I am a creative. I’m highly experienced, seasoned and knowledgeable in my field of the arts. I’m marketing savvy, business-minded, and multiculturally engaged. While taking (what was supposed to be 2 years that turned into) 7 years off from my music business to pursue an extensive traveling career with my previous job; the experience, responsibility, and the exposure to diversity and various cultures would prepare me for the return of my art. (Nov 2007)

The Start-Up and School

I began piano lessons as a young child and continued through my teenage years. I also played cello and viola in elementary school. I specialized in classical piano and performed in numerous recitals. I played my 1st wedding at age 13 and began playing for church at age 16. I went on to play and sing in numerous weddings and church services.

I majored in music (full track scholarship), under the music direction of jazz extraordinaire and clarinetist, the Late Alvin Batiste who also taught Branford Marsalis and Randy Jackson (American Idol), to name a few. I enjoyed the education of Mr. Batiste because he was a professional that cared about his students. We would play several venues including the Annual New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. After showing great interest, Mr. Batiste also taught me the essentials of playing a full set of drums. I would soon briefly play drums in an all girls jazz band. After a couple years, I decided to leave school.

Studio and More of the Music

On numerous occasions, I would drive out to Bourbon Street in New Orleans and would ask any band that I liked for a piano solo on the spot. As some of the bands were skeptics of my proposed performance, I would soon change their minds with my improvisational finger action on the keys.

After recording my first self-produced 6-song EP (1993) in one of the local well-frequented studios; it was there when I fell in love with the studio environment and wanted to know everything about how music was engineered and how I could contribute to it. I would soon purchase and set up my first recording studio and began to extensively study the art of music engineering. I bought numerous books and audio guides and read each of them throughout while applying hands-on techniques. I would sometimes go through this process for days nonstop. I visited other studios and paid detailed attention to how other producers and engineers processed and mixed sound. I listened carefully to feedback and asked a lot of questions. I gradually developed a keen ear and a few tricks of my own in achieving the sound that I wanted from my studio.

Hip-Hop Recording Artist David Banner (producer and actor), frequented my studio and brought along a talented crew of emcees and musicians from Mississippi to Chicago. I would look forward to the sessions because it was sure to be a hypnotic Hip-Hop experience. These cats were on some other level well before their time. I’m honored of the recordings I still have on DAT not knowing then, they would go on and create such milestones in the music business.

Several local artists, producers and instrumentalists would book the studio as I continued to hone my mixing and production skills. I attended the taping of the 1999 Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards in Atlanta, Georgia, and the celebrity reception dinner thereafter, under the invite of a friend’s brother who had received a production nomination. I met and exchanged information with several celebrity artists. Also during the Awards weekend, I rode over to Jermaine Dupri’s studio (which took some connections to find) to introduce him to an artist I was working with. I’d just missed him. I will never forget it being the first time closeup I’d ever seen record plaques on the wall. It was an inspiring experience.

I produced a performance tape including a song I wrote and produced for a female artist that debuted the song performance as an opening act for R&B Recording Artist, After 7. I DJ’d a dance event for children with Showtime at the Apollo’s KiKi Shepard.

Personal as it Relates to Business

I’m honored to know a few music industry people, and I’m not talking just meets and greets… I’m talking regular phone conversations. I have family in the music business who has worked with some of the most successful artists of all time. I’m modest about most things. I’m very observing. I don’t do limelight nor do I need it… yet, I’m not afraid of it. I’m aggressive, straightforward, hardworking, and easygoing. I’m inspired by good music, good art, and good conversation. I’ve never placed myself in a box or on a pedestal. I’m (self) well-educated beyond the classroom, and I’m proud in continuing to grow as I mentor those who share the same passions.

The DNA of a ‘Lady’

I love people. I push myself to new heights by experimenting. I’m addicted to the power of knowledge. I live to inspire and motivate others through something I say or do. I love to travel. I’m fascinated with airplanes and water; Fly me to the beach and I’m good. I’m a computer and electronics junkie, and I’m addicted to technology.

I’m born a Lioness and I’ve always had an old soul even as a child. I’ve always been a leader, headstrong, and giving. I’m attracted to intelligence and honesty. I shy away from arrogance and inflated egos. I usually don’t get visibly excited about things that most would.

I’m very sociable, yet, comfortably a loner. I’ve never followed the in-crowd to try and fit in. I am and have always been drug-free. The only fragrance I wear is Moonlight Path. I love the earthy tones of Nag Champa and Sandalwood incense. I love dry wines. I am a great cook. When eating out, my favorite foods are sushi, authentic Mexican, and Thai. I don’t eat meat other than some seafood. I collect books. I love the atmosphere of book stores. I collect music. I’m not a heavy coffee drinker, but when I indulge, I love Café au lait and Pumpkin Spice Latte. I believe in God and I believe He is always mastering my purpose.

Experience, Clients and Goals

Globally, I have completed projects in web design, graphic design, and various forms of music for (and ranging from) professional recording artists to major oil companies. I’ve produced and recorded countless local artists. While working alongside various management and producers, I’ve assisted in artists development and nurturing. I’ve conducted studio tours that included audio recording and training sessions with the youth of the YMCA Summer Camp Program.

I’ve taught piano lessons to children and adults. I’ve directed, taught and led student choir performances in the public school system. I’ve taught harmonies and numerous songs including my own productions to church choirs. I’ve produced and recorded radio spots for politicians for election campaigns including a Judge and Governor-Elect candidate. I’ve judged in talent shows. I’ve produced and toured artists showcases.

My goals are to stay grounded and continue to build solid personal and business connections, publish my books (non-fiction/self-help/inspirational), and produce for film.


I am a music producer/trained pianist, web designer, graphic designer, computer technician, photographer, writer, DJ, consultant, mentor, mentee, leader, follower, and visionary.

I am experienced in various music production and recording software and hardware. Design/computer software/applications experience include Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, and Microsoft Office 365 deployment and training.

I have a strong management/project management background.

I work for Ink Butter Media & Technology Group, LLC

The name on the contract is Vanessa…

and you can call me Lady